Clear Harbor Counseling

a calm place in the storm

Welcome to Clear Harbor Counseling in Superior, Wisconsin.
Helping teenagers (high school age students) and adults with depression, anxiety, trauma and addiction.

As a teenager, I saw a number of therapists and didn’t like any of them …until finally I did. I met the therapist who would inspire me to become a therapist myself. There was something about her that just worked for me and she gave me hope in a dark time. My time with her changed me and my future. That experience is part of why I do this kind of work.

I’ve been a part of the community in Douglas County since 2008. When I decided to leave my agency job and do private practice I had two choices. Go to Duluth or stay in Superior. It wasn’t even a difficult decision. I love our community. This is our home and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Deciding to see a therapist can be a hard choice. Who should you see? Will it help? Is it worth it? I can tell you this, it really can help and it really is worth it. So if you have hard things that are getting in the way of your life; if you are stuck in the same place and can’t get out; if you can’t seem to move forward then maybe it’s time to give therapy a try.

Hope to talk to you soon!