Currently I’m not accepting new clients:

My waitlist is quite long and I am not able to take new people onto the waitlist at this time. I recommend Northern Waters clinic in Duluth, Insight Counseling in Duluth and Superior Counseling LLC in Duluth. The practices in Superior are full also and likely have long waitlists. For clients with WI Medicaid, there may be other providers in other places in Wisconsin. You can see anyone for therapy regardless of where they are as long as they are in Wisconsin.

I am only doing telehealth.

In March of 2020 I left my office on Friday, March 13th. I haven’t returned except to grab a few things from my office. I never anticipated doing telehealth and thought I would hate it. However, I have grown to appreciate it. I know its not for everyone. I have found it to be expand the availability of services to many folks who might not be able to make it to an office.

To get a hold of me:

My mailing address is P.O. Box 428 Solon Spring, WI 54873

The phone number for CHC is 715-342-9002 (email is best to reach me)

My email address is

The fax number is 715-312-2009