Not accepting new clients- My waitlist is quite long and I am not able to take new people onto the waitlist at this time. I recommend Northern Waters clinic in Duluth, Insight Counseling in Duluth and Superior Counseling LLC in Duluth. The practices in Superior are full also and likely have long waitlists. For clients with WI Medicaid, there may be other providers in other places in Wisconsin. You can see anyone for therapy regardless of where they are as long as they are in Wisconsin.

Regarding COVID-19-For the foreseeable future sessions will be done via video. I far prefer sitting in person with someone. However, I believe that we need to do our part in staying home and minimizing risk if we are able to do so. And, I’m able to do so. To be honest, I wasn’t sure therapy could really work via video, but since starting video sessions in March 2020, I have to say I believe it can and does work.

Regarding Vaccination-When I do return to in-person visits (which is not happening just yet), I will only see people in person that are fully vaccinated. I will be conducting therapy mask-less with other fully vaccinated people. If unvaccinated, you can still attend therapy sessions via video as long as your insurance will allow it.

We are currently located inside Faith United Methodist Church. 1531 Hughitt Avenue Superior WI 54880.

Please feel free to call us at (715) 342-9002. Leave a message and we will call you back between sessions. You can fax things to us at (715) 312-2009.

If you would prefer to email (we love email) please send the email to

If you already have an intake appointment scheduled please take a few minutes and review the documents below.

  • You can print them and bring them with you or sign them when you are at the office.
  • If you are really ambitious and technically inclined you could even sign them, scan them and email them back to us.
  • Lastly, you can just review them once you come to your first appointment. : )

Forms (These documents are fillable. Meaning, you can open them and fill them out online. Instructions below)
Client Demographic Form (for first appointment)
Client Insurance Authorization (for first appointment)
Client Consent for Treatment (for first appointment)
High School Intake Packet (for first appointment)
Adult Intake Packet (for the first appointment)
CHC Release of Information Form (print as needed)

For review only
Privacy Practices Notice
Client’s Rights and Responsibility
Electronic Consent Statement

Instructions for form completion:
1. Click on the link to open the form
2. Download/save the form to your own computer (the save button is usually on the upper right)
3. Open the form with a program like Adobe Acrobat or FoxIt Reader. These will not work if you just open them as they are now.
4. Save the form when you are done. The fillable fields will not hold the information unless you save it.
5. Send back to me via email as an attachment. There should be at least 5 documents (demographic form, insurance auth, consent for treatment, intake packet and release of information)
6. Use one Release of Information for each place you want me to talk to. One for the medical clinic you use. One for the school district, etc.

Current Client Portal Link