Hi, I’m Betsy Byler.

I grew up in a western suburb of Chicago located at the southern end of Lake Michigan. Being on and in the water has always been a necessity for me, in a way I can’t quite describe. I just feel most at home around water.

Even though I’m from Chicagoland, my college allegiance always lay with Michigan State University (pretty sure I knew the fight song by age 3). I attended MSU (go green) for my Bachelor’s degree and graduated with a degree in Psychology in 2000. I returned home to Chicagoland to pursue my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College and graduated in 2003.

My husband, kids and I lived in Sioux Falls, SD, for a number of years.  While there I worked in residential chemical dependency treatment for adolescents and also as an in-home therapist with children and families. While Sioux Falls is a cool town and we had great friends, the area has no major bodies of water and no woods to speak of. We moved to the Twin Ports area in 2008.

I’ve practiced as an outpatient (office based) therapist in Superior since 2008. During that time I fell in love with Superior. The lake, the town, and the area as a whole. I’ve been honored to work with people of all ages and with all types of struggles. My specialties are working with teenagers (even if they hate everyone), helping people heal from trauma and those struggling with addiction (teens and adults).

If you are looking for a therapist and wondering if I’m the right person; visit the FAQ page to read a little more.

TL:DR (too long; didn’t read)-I’m from Chicago. I love living here and couldn’t imagine going back. I work with teens through adults on all kinds of issues, including trauma and addiction.